Sunday 10 February 2013

Paper Fun

I was interviewed by a Russian craft blog; Paper Fun, last week.
I was so happy to be asked about this.
You can take a look at the blog here.
I have also made a small tutorial for them, that was out the 6th of February.
You find that here, if you want to read it in Russian.
If not, you can see the english version right here :)

Picture 1 :
This is how I like to do the photos. I silhouette them like this. And then place them into new scenes.
And I could never been without my scissors from Tim Holtz. I`ve had it for years now, and it`s the best!

Picture 2 :
 I choose a background paper (here, one from October Afternoon), and add some Gesso to it. I usually use a palette knife to drag the gesso over the paper.

Picture 3 :
 When the gesso`s still wet, I roll a roller stamp over the background. I love this crackle stamp from Stampin` up. As you see, I don`t roll it only in the Gesso, but I roll it over some of the other background too.

Picture 4 : 
When I wait for this to dry, I start painting my chipboards. I chose black for this lovely lamp post 
from Blue Fern Studios. I use acrylic paint.

Picture 5 :
 I also paint a fence, that I first cut in two. I have used grey acrylic paint, and added some small dots of brown, to make some more life to it.
You can also see here that I have used the crackle roller stamp again. I used gold paint on the stamp, and rolled it over the lamp post. I think it gives it more character in that way.

Picture 6 : 
I have cut out some small, yellow pieces of papers from a pattern paper to make light to the lamp post. I just glue it on the back of the lamps, and then cut round afterwords.

Picture 7 : 
When the gesso background is dry, I start placing things on it. I don`t glue it on at once. I first try out all the things I want to use, and see if it looks ok. Then I use addhesive and place it where I want. As you see, I have used a couple of clouds here. I have also cut out a circle of yellow pattern paper, to make a moon behind the clouds. The lamp post is glued on, and then the cheesecloth.
I have kept the cheesecloth white here, to make it looks like snow. But I often color the cheesecloth with mist. You can take a look at my blog if you want.

Picture 8 : 
Things that are going to look like it`s a bit far away, I glue directly to the background. And things that are suppose to be closer to me, I use 3D glue dots/squares. So here the lamp post is glued directly to the background, the fence is placed with one set of 3D addhesive and the photo of my daughter has two sets with 3D addhesives.

Picture 9 : 
Here you can see the lamp post a bit closer. You see how the gold paint makes more character to it. And also the yellow pattern paper.

Picture 10 : 
I add some small details to the page. Here I have used some twine, hanging from the fence. And some winter flowers stickers and a badge.

Picture 11 : 
I also cut out a tag from an Authentic pattern paper and placed over the end of the fence. You can see here that I have glued some of the cheesecloth over my daughter`s shoes. So it looks like she is sitting in snow.

Picture 12 : 

At last I add a title to my page. And here is the final result :)

Hope you liked the tutorial :) Have a nice Sunday!


Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous tutorial, Brit - really, really interesting & wonderful to see how you create...the roller stamp is a great idea! I have one of these & don't use it enough:):):) TFS!!!!!!! LOVE the end result, too - of course:):):)

Наташа Бумага-Марака said...

Brit, thanks again :)))
Nataliya :)

Jonna said...

Dette var virkelig inspirerende! Nå må jeg snart prøve meg på en Brit-LO... :-)

Anita Bownds said...

Totally awesome Brit ..!!

Tania F said...

wow!!! fantastic tutorial!! thank you!!

Miae said...

Love to hear your creative process! TFS!!

Mell Pell Mell said...

It is the wonderful - thank you so much!))) Love the way you do your LO's...

Tone-Lill said...

Awsome, love how the finished LO turned out and thanks for a fab tutorial.
Ønsker deg en ny, fin og kreativ uke!

Beatemor said...

En flott Lo. Takk for at du deler fremgangsmåten :-)

Keren Tamir said...

this is fantastic!! I just love what you did with that lamp post!! you are so clever. I love the yellow lamp idea and as usual love the crackle effect!! I finally found it as they restocked the ebay store!! got myself some crackle!!

Linda Brun said...

Fantastisk flott LO og kjekt å se hvordan du går frem. Gleder meg til vi snart treffes... knib

Ольга Стурова said...

Thanks you for the tutorial! I like your style really. It's very interesting to know how to create these wonderful pictures.