Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy birthday Skissedilla !!!

These days we are celebrating our 3 years birthday at Skissedilla : )
And what a celebration !!!!!
We can present for you our 3 new members to our design team........
.........oh this is so exciting........ :))))
I can tell you that we have one from Norway, one from USA and one from Japan : )
Maybe I shouldn`t say anything more....?
But I can`t keep quiet anymore. So here it comes:

Welcome to our team, Linda Brun, Scarlett and Machiko !!!!
I am so happy to have you with us.
Can`t wait to see all the lovely pages you will come up with ; )

This time it`s Nabon that has made our sketch.
And here is my take on it:

Remember to visit Skissedilla to see the layouts that our new members have made,
and of course the "old" team member`s takes on the sketch : )


Scarlett said...

I'm so excited this is finally announced!!!! I'm super elated to be on the team with you Brit! I've adored your style for so long and shared your blog link many times LOL!! More than that though I'm overjoyed to have a new friend!! xx

Miae said...

This page is so cute!! Congrats on Skissedilla's bday :) !

Beatemor said...

Dette var kjempekult Brit. Herlige detaljer :-) Takk for inspirasjon! Klem

Randi Elisabeth said...

Kjempeherlig, og jeg digger tittelen;)
Vi sees vel til helga vi;)

Asil said...

Knallfin layout!! Og hipp hurra for Skissedilla!!

Men du - hvordan fester du det tyllaktige stoffet (jeg husker ikke hva det heter, fnis - ysteklut - noe sånt) til papiret? Sitter og prøver på en Brit-LO serru.. :P

Vicky Varvadouka said...

Your work is really impressive! You have a vivid imagination and your layouts are works of art!!!Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Your work is so inspiring!!!