Thursday, 3 March 2016

Our cat home - Graphic45

Hello everybody :) Here is a new project for Graphic45.

My children just LOVE cats. And 2 years ago I finally agreed to get one. I didn`t want one because I know it will be me that has to take care of it in the end ;) But after some years with nagging, I finally gave in and said yes…..
But now they are asking for the cat to have kittens…. But I say NO. I think they want a house full av cats, he he he. So that`s why I made this little “Cat home” ;)

Supply list:
Graphic45 Mixed media box - black #4500983
Raining cats & dogs paper - Animal house #4500967
Raining cats & dogs paper - Four-legged friend #4500959
A Christmas Carol paper - Christmas carol #4501185
Home sweet home paper - Handmade #4501072
Raining cats & dogs Cardstock stickers #4500975
Raining cats & dogs Cardstock stickers #4500974
Christmas carol 6x6 Patterns & Solids #4501193

Icecream stick
3D glue dots
Brown stamp pad

1 comment:

Aleksandra said...

Lovely project! I love the window and the curtains. It is very beautiful!

Have a great day!