Monday, 3 February 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament

There`s a new tournament going on, and I`m on the Norwegian team :)

This week`s task was:

Make a double layout or double mixed media project that shows where your live. 
But it all has to be within 1000 steps from your home!!!!

- You can not use any spray inkts!
- You will have to use at least 3 photos on your project (scrapbooking and mixed media!!)
- You will have to add a visible journaling of at least 50 words

Here is my take on it:

I have used 4 pictures: The sofa is one, children is one, the cat is one and the picture hanging on the wall.
I have made this page from our living room. Used different pattern papers, gesso,
Cheesecloth, som Prima embellishments an other cut outs.
The story is: We were on a vacation in Tenerife in January, and we had a
great time. The children were really enjoying themselves. But I think
they were more happy when we got home. They were missing their friends,
their toys, the cat and the house :) 
So the conclusion: Ain`t no plase like home !!!

Have a great day!


Heidi said...

Sååå kanonkul!!! Herlige detaljer og effekter!!

Maya said...

Denne var råtøff!

Jonna said...

Fantastisk kul LO! Den oppgaven passet jo perfekt til din scrappestil :-)

Amy Petrou said...

Amazing!!! I love love love your layout!!! So playful, so colorful! great idea with the photo cut-outs and sooo clever the picture on the wall! Good luck! Hugs from Greece xoxo

Elisabeth said...

Så kul LO
Heia the Norwegian team :)

Randi Elisabeth said...

Kjempe kule Brit. Likte alle elementene, bildene, pynten og historien. Kul mursteinvegg ;)

Paula said...

Hi Brit, I just wanted to say again how much I love your layout! Your take on this challenge is simply brilliant & I'm very sorry that it has been disqualified :( It's fun &'s such a shame!

elina said...

this is a piece of art!!!! sorry you didnt make it! your sense of design is amazing!!

Adrienne said...

Oh my word- Love this double layout! :) AWesome! I am so glad I stopped by here. So cool!