Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The European scrap battle - The final

Finally I post my layout for the finals in The European scrap battle.

I have been SO busy at work, that I haven`t got so much time for scrapping or blogging.
Have been working every day (even Saturedays and Sundays) all December,
so it has been little time left for doing other things.
But now I`m having my Christmas holiday, and can relax together with my family.
And it`s GREAT!!! :)

I got a second place in the battle. Lost against the amazing Aida Domisiewicz.
But I am so happy and honored to have reached this far.
It feels great :) I even got a post in the local newspaper :)
Here is my take on the final battle:

At last I want to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Aida :)

Merry Christmas everyone !

1 comment:

morkaren said...

Det kan godt være du ikke vandt, men dit LO er da fantasifuldt og flot, så du har kun grund til at være stolt, du ønskes et glædeligt nytår, og jeg håber at måtte se mange flere flotte LO er fra din hånd i det nye år. knus morkaren.