Saturday, 16 November 2013

The European Scrap Battle - Semi finals

This was my layout for the semi finals in The European Scrap Battle.
We had to make a monocromatic page. But were allowed to add black and white.
So I chose to make this yellow, sunflower page :)
And................It got me to the FINALS!!!!!
 I am so happy to have reached this far :)
But now I`m meeting Aida Domisiewicz in this last battle!!! That`s gonna be hard!

Wish me luck everybody :)


Drycha said...

I love that page! So optimistic and warm :) Good luck!

morkaren said...

Dit LO er da en sikker vinder, dejlig farve valg, og dine solsikker er så skønne (er de hjemme lavet)og din måde at bruge dine børnebilleder er så dejlig, du må få et helt unik album til sist. knus morkaren som krydser fingere for dig.

Lizzyc said...

This is stunning, really love the sunflowers.. and all the best with the next roung.. whatever happens you are an amazing scrapper!!

Anonymous said...

Du är fantastisk, en stor inspirationskälla! Lycka till!

Unknown said...

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