Saturday, 2 June 2012

CSI #22 and CasaRunway

It`s time for a new case file at CSI.
I really liked the colors this time. They were so great to my pictures
from the 17th. of May (our Constitution day).
So here is a my layout with pictures of the children in 
their new "bunads" (national costumes).

As evidence I have used: Corrugated cardboard, wet medium and crown accent.
As testimony I documented a childhood memory.
The journaling is about how I, when I was a little girl, celebrated 
our constitution day. 

This layout I have made for a competition called CasaRunway.
We had to use fabric, colors, stitches and punch outs or cut outs.
My niese is going to school in Wales. I am not sure what it`s called. But she is educated 
in animation. I was so inspired of this film that she made, that I had to make a layout
with dandelions :)

And yesterday she called and said that she won the Glammie for the best 2D-film !!!!!
We are so proud of you, Ida !!! Congratulation !!!


Linda said...

Kanonfine 17 mai LO! Stilig med flagge som vimpler, å kronen på Leif :)

Beatemor said...

Nydelige lo'er igjen Brit. Digger 17.mai lo'en. Inspirerte meg til å prøve selv. Synes ikke det er lett å scrappe bilder fra 17 mai... Ha ei superduper helg :-)

Arnlaug said...

Tusen takk for kjempe koslig kommentar i bloggen:-) Men du; er jo dette som er den finaste 17. mai loen! DIGGER den! og den til runwayen og er heilt fantastisk:-)

Inger said...

Dette må være den kuleste 17. Mai lo ever!!!
Digger alt her og ble kjempeinspirert:)